Notes in the metro #1

I am walking alone on these paths again,
And in my thoughts, a cup of cold coffee left in the kitchen.
Once we were children too, do you remember?
Trying not to miss the train we were running through the rain.

I am going, looking for this line.
There are so many thoughts and no words to be found.
I have never asked God for an easy life.
The eternal lonely warrior I am
And in ink my hands are.

Many lost the faith walking in the deserts,
Cursing fate and God.
Only they have forgotten one thing –
We are all free,
But we tie ourselves with mind and words.

– Elephants Guardian


Victoria Chemerovskaya

Love art and tea. A bit bipolar and crazy but that's me. I wish to show people that loneliness is normal. Being different is normal. And we should not be scared to show ourselves to society. Let's save elephants and turtles! My lovely, Be brave and follow your heart. That's the only thing I can ask you.

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